When is the deadline for the Letter of Inquiry?
The Harland Foundation will have only one grant cycle in 2023. The deadline for submission of the Letters of Inquiry will be Tuesday, January 10th, with decisions to be made in late spring. There will be no fall grants cycle in 2023.
What is the average grant amount?
The average grant size is in the range of $20,000 - $40,000.
How often can I apply for funding?
You can apply for funding once every 12 months.
How do I know if my request is a fit for the Foundation?
Please review the information on the website. We have attempted to provide detailed information regarding our priorities. The sections on the Application Process and Areas of Interest should be reviewed prior to submitting a Letter of Inquiry.
How do I submit a Letter of Inquiry?
Please click on "Application Process" to find a list of items needed to submit the Letter of Inquiry. Please note: the Letter of Inquiry should be submitted using the link provided.
When will I hear back regarding my Letter of Inquiry?
You will hear back from us by February 15 for the spring cycle and September 15 for the fall cycle.
How has your arts, culture and environment grant making changed?
The Foundation has changed this Area of Interest to Arts Education, with a focus on Arts Education programs that seek to enhance student’s educational and social and emotional outcomes in pre-K through 12. Further details can be found under the "Areas of Interest" tab.