Areas of Interest


The Harland Foundation makes grants in three primary Areas of Interest:



CHILDREN AND YOUTH Support for early childhood education, after school and summer programs for Elementary and Middle School Students, and programs that enhance success in public schools

COMMUNITY SERVICES Support for community services that provide a safety net for those in greatest need, including those with special needs



Support for innovation with a focus on initiatives that build organizational sustainability - By Invitation Only       





Types of Support


The Foundation provides support for:

  •  Programs
  •  Current operations


Arts, Culture, and Environment - 2018


The Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant proposals from arts, culture, and environmental organizations. Each year, the Trustees will issue invitations to organizations from which they would like to receive a request. Those organizations that will be invited to submit a LOI will receive a letter from the Foundation by February 2018.


Geographic Focus


Priority is given to nonprofits operating in Dekalb and Fulton counties including the City of Atlanta. No grants are made outside the state of Georgia.



Organization Size and Duration


Before contacting the Foundation, an organization must have at least one full-time employee and broad support from its own base of supporters, including board members, and have been in operation providing programs and services for a minimum of two years.  Grants are not considered to start up operations.



Frequency of Grant Requests


Organizations may only apply to the Foundation every 12 months.  This is true whether a previous grant request was approved or declined. 




  • The Foundation will only consider requests from organizations classified as a public charity under Section 501-c-3 of the Internal Revenue Service.  An IRS determination letter certifying this tax status will be required.
  • Proposals will not be accepted from private primary or secondary schools, except for those serving children with special needs.
  • Proposals will not be accepted from individual churches. 
  • The foundation does not make grants for annual appeals or special events. 
  • No grants or loans will be made to individuals.